Dr. Mikael Berthod

Vice President


Dr. Berthod has obtained his PhD from Claude Bernard University (Lyon, France). He assumed a prestigious post-doctoral position at Montreal University (Canada). 

He worked as senior research engineer at IFP and was in charge of supervising multiple national and international research projects in which PhD holders, laboratory chemists and post-doctoral personnel were involved.

He joined TAKREER in 2012 as TRC manager with a portfolio of more than 14 years of experience in homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis and considerable expertise in pilot plant and industrial projects in the downstream sector.

Dr. Berthod played a pivotal role in managing TRC, the emerging and sole refining applied research center in the country bearing in mind ADNOC’s vision to couple research and technology to evolve the national refining industry.

He is presently leading, in his capacity as TRC’s Vice President a team of multi-disciplined, multi-cultural professionals comprising of 90 scientists, technicians and operators to set a solid ground for R&D activities to develop the refining business of TAKREER.

Dr. Berthod is the author of over 18 scientific journals and 13 patents and has considerable participation in several national and international conferences, seminars symposia and forums on the refining research & development.

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